In Development

Cascade Of Glass

Feature Film

In the year 1935 a jewish doctor from Berlin escapes his past by moving to a desolate village in the Hula Valley Swamps in Northern Palestine. The doctor struggles to save the village from a Malaria epidemic that is spreading over the valley. His focus shifts when he meets a 14-year-old girl who suffers from an unknown disease and is believed by the locals and her family to be possessed by demons. Fighting to save the girl he gets himself and the girl wind up in a dangerous mixture of affection, hate and moral predicaments.

Feature film by: Itamar Alcalay
Writer: Itamar Alcalay
Producers: Benny Drechsel, Karsten Stöter
Production Company: Rohfilm (GER)

Language: Hebrew
Location: Israel
Budget: € 1.8 Mio
Supported by: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB), Israel Film Fund